What A German Shepherd Dog Really Need

If you’re considering buying a black German shepherd, then you need to provide them with three things. Those three things are exercise, dominance and stimulation.


Black German shepherds are high active and they need a lot of exercise. If you don’t have a large yard, then you should be prepared to take them on at least 1-2 big walks per day or bring them to a field and let them run around.


It’s important to provide German shepherd dog with dominance. This type of breed needs a dominate owner or it won’t listen. This means you need to be consistent with your training and you can’t confuse your dog by letting him do certain things one day and not letting them do it the next. A good example of this is letting him on the furniture and things of that nature.


Shepherds require a lot of stimulation because of how intelligent they are. You should teach them new tricks or provide them with toys that require them to think or to be active, such as toys that have treats in the middle.

If you get a German shepherd dog and you can provide them with stimulation, dominance and exercise, then you will love owning one.