Suggestions For Individuals Planning To Purchase Dog Beds

You are barking up the wrong tree if you believe that a simple wooden box is all that your canine friend requires for sleeping. Search online… you will be amazed by the various types of beds for dogs available on online stores. Their prices depend on their size and the quality of the material used for manufacturing them. You can expect to pay anything from $18 to $60 and above. However, price is not the only criterion you should check before purchasing dog beds online. You should ensure that you only purchase an elevated bed if you live in a zone that experiences extreme cold or heat. The space between the base of the bed and the floor prevents heating or cooling of the bed by conduction, ensuring that the elements do not bother your furry friend while he is sleeping. Purchasing a water repellant bed is ideal for those who have pets that like to jump into their bed immediately after taking a shower. Ensure that the material used for manufacturing the bed is tough and indestructible. This prevents your dog from chewing and damaging it.

Other factors

Make sure to measure the dimensions of the bed. Even the best dog beds will not serve its purpose if your dog cannot stretch comfortably while sleeping in it. The rule of the thumb is that the dimensions of the bed (width x length) should be a minimum of five inches more than the size of your dog. If you plan to purchase a non elevated bed, make sure that it has a non skid bottom. This prevents the bed from skidding and injuring your dog and damaging furniture due to collision when the dog jumps into it. Purchasing a waterproof bed allows you to wash it with special cleaning solution meant to kill dust mites and flea eggs. This ensures that your loved pet stays healthy. While the cost of most beds includes a mattress too, you should opt for a model that has a fully washable mattress. Avoid beds that contain needless accessories such as zippers, piping, and straps. The life your dog might be at risk if he chews on those objects and ingests them by mistake. Ensure that the paint employed for coloring the bed is non toxic (lead free). You should examine these factors while choosing from a selection of the best dog beds. Do not forget to check sites offering dog beds for sale, as these sites offer a special discount on certain makes of beds.

You can purchase dog beds of all sizes, including large dog beds from online shops that stock goods for pets. Make sure that you check the guarantee and the return policy of the store. You end up being the gainer if you pay more and purchase a bed manufactured by a well known brand. Do not forget that dogs spend approximately 18 hours on the bed. Providing him a comfortable model will show how much you care for him.