Reasons Why You Should Give Vitamins For Dogs

It is common for people to take supplements that give them vital nutrients. The same is true for dogs who may need an outside boost depending on their health status. Ideally, our pets should get all of their dietary requirements from their food. Dog foods are specially formulated to give them a balanced meal. However, homemade food does not provide this level of assurance. You may be failing to provide your pet with the things it needs leading to some deficiencies. Dog vitamins can step in to fill the gaps. See a vet to get advice regarding the best dog vitamins for your case. Below are a few of the usual reasons why supplementation is recommended:

Arthritic Joints

Dogs love to run around and play. Help them do this for as long as possible by keeping their bones healthy. Even our furry friends can experience joint pain due to arthritis and this can discourage them from moving as they want to. You may notice a change in their gait and level of activity. Take them to the vet to confirm your suspicions and get some help. Vitamins for dogs may be recommended to make things better. These can also be taken even if the pet is not yet exhibiting symptoms as a form of prevention, especially if the breed has a history of having it. Talk to your doctor about this.

Coat Shedding

A soft, thick, and shiny coat is a welcome indicator of good health. If the fur is not looking well and shedding profusely, then owners should go to the vet as this might be indicative of a deeper problem. Sometimes it is simply the heat and is thus an expected seasonal occurrence. If it happens outside of the usual cycle, then this should be investigated further. In any case, coat shedding can drastically affect the appearance of your pet. Those who wish to minimize this may provide vitamins for dogs that deal specifically with the issue.


A dog vitamin may also be given to reduce the effects of aging. These products will often contain some form of antioxidant which is also present in their counterparts for humans. They may be able to counteract things like cognitive dysfunction and keep your pet mentally focused. Just be sure that you are getting a legitimate product with verified claims. Stick to the well-known brands with a good track record in the industry. The best vitamins for dogs may cost a significant amount but they have been proven to work which makes them worth the money.

Remember to seek the advice of a nutritionist or veterinarian before giving your pets any type of supplement. This ensures that you will address deficiencies and avoid excesses.