Metal Or Plastic Crates – Which Option To Choose For Your Dog?

Buying dog crates would have been a lot easier if it were just an accessory to be used to carry your pet dog when traveling. Unfortunately, your dog is unlikely to allow you to restrict use of the crate solely for travel. If your pet dog likes the crate, then it is probably going to become its den. Don’t be surprised if your pet insists on sleeping and eating in the crate as well.

This can complicate matters because dog kennels for sale designed for travel may not be the most suitable one for routine use. Plastic dog crates for sale are best for travel because these crates are very strong, provide protection from the elements, and are light and easy to carry.

On the other hand, cheap dog crates made of metal are perfect for daily routine use. The metal wire frame allows the pet to see everything going on around it without any restrictions. The crate can be customized with dividers, which makes it suitable even if the crate is a bit too big for your dog. Of course, the metal crate can also be used for travel but it is not the most-preferred option among pet owners.

So, how can you resolve this issue? One option at your disposal is to buy two crates—one for travel and the other as your pet’s den at home. Of course, this can be an expensive and even wasteful proposition because the plastic crate will be used only when you travel. If your pet outgrows the travel crate, then you will have to buy a replacement kennel despite the fact that the old one was not used more than once or twice.

The other option, which would be useful if you travel very often with the pet, is to go in for a plastic crate for use at home and for use during trips as well. Getting your pet used to a plastic crate, which won’t offer visibility and ventilation at par with a metal crate, may be slightly tough. However, a bit of extra effort in the beginning should help you manage with a single crate for your pet.

As you can see, buying the right crate involves something more than simply logging on to the Internet and buying the first crate you see. From frequency of travel to the extent of use of the crate at home—there are many factors that you will have to consider. It all boils down to whether the crate will be used solely as a travel accessory or something more as well. If it is the latter, then investing in two crates won’t be a bad idea, especially if it helps you keep your home organized better.