How To Find The Best Dog Harnesses

The harness is probably one of the few fashion accessories for the canine set. It acts as a way for someone to hold back large dogs, a healthier place to put a leash than a collar, and a way to make even the cutest canine look a little tough. There is some debate as to what makes the best harness for dogs, and that debate has fueled some interesting debates. The key to the debate is the question of whether or not it is the material or the way it is constructed that makes the best dog harness. The truth is that the best dog harnesses are a mix of both, and that by allowing for both can make a rather nice harness for the dog.

The material is important as it must be able to hold the dog as well as allow it freedom of movement. This makes the leather dog harness the best winner, as it allows for the best freedom of movement of any harness. It also stretches with the actions of the dog, ensuring that it is reasonably tight; chain may look tougher but it tends to either restrict the movement of the animal or become loose in all the wrong ways, possibly becoming a hazard to the animal especially if it needs to move fast. The small dog harness is sort of an aberration here, as too many owners look for pleather harnesses not realizing that the fake leather can easily be stretched over time, and thus becoming its own problem.

The best dog harness must also be designed for the animal in question. Too many dog owners forget that the harness must be adapted to the dog and so buy off-the-rack harness and do not make any changes to the harness. The problem is that two dogs can have the same weight but carry the harness in different ways; a tall, thin dog needs a different harness than a short, fat dog. With a few modifications, however, the harness can be quickly adapted to the dog in question. Of course, keep in mind that a relatively simple design is best as common add-ons such as spikes and jewels can easily snag on roots, couches, and other common environmental factors, effectively limiting the use of the harness.

Thus, the best dog harness is a leather dog harness that has been modified to fit the dog. Keep in mind that this applies to a small dog harness as well, and that a good owner will recognize that only a dog that is meant specifically for a sedentary life will do well with a harness that is overly decorated with accessories; a more active dog needs a simpler harness. With this mind it should be simple to find the best dog harness for any dog, and one that will add to the natural beauty of the animal.