How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Developing the best dog food is a constant preoccupation among thousands of companies worldwide. As a result, good dog food is so easy to find, these days. In many cases, the best dog foods are just across the street from a homeowner with a pet.

7-Eleven and other convenience stores not only make sure that they are always stocked up on cigarettes, milk, eggs, water and other necessities. They also make sure that there are a few different brands of top dog food on their store shelves. They know only too well that not doing due diligence means that they could miss out on precious sales.

In the United States alone, the sale of top dog foods was an $8.6 billion business in 2007. By 2010, best food for dogs of the dry variety alone accounted for $8 billion in sales. No doubt about it, the healthy dog food industry can only continue to grow.

After all, there are no known economic indicators that people are letting go of the habit of owning and living with a pooch anytime soon. In fact, there is a reason to believe that humanity’s love affair with its best friend can only become more intense as the years go by. While there seems to be a growing trend towards home-cooked meals for pets, the latest trends among commercial dog food providers show a serious effort to counteract such tendencies.

Top dog food makers do this by increasing quality control, shifting towards natural food ingredients, and of course, conducting more intense marketing and advertising. Nowhere is corporate determination more evident than in the campaign to offer gourmet over just good dog food. So strong is the push that one of these days, humans just might find themselves salivating over TV commercials about the top dog foods.

As marketers and advertisers become increasingly creative, it is very important for consumers to step up the drive to carefully read product labels. It is the first line of defense against counterfeit products that are otherwise advertised as a healthy dog food or the best dog food. You would think that consumerism has advanced astronomically.

Yet some of the best dog foods could still have misleading labels. When this happens, the right course of action is to contact the maker directly to seek some clarification. Keeping up to date with product reviews is a nice trait to have, but these reviews don’t always show the total picture.

In order to protect their beloved pet as well as to spend their money wisely, pet owners should be eternally vigilant of any unidentified meats on the product description. Another big no-no is generic animal fats. It’s just as bad that a purported best food for dogs contains food coloring.

These are all tell-tale signs that the manufacturer of the top dog food is not being upfront or worse, could be trying to conceal something. Calling it out at the next possible opportunity is the best way to ensure that the healthy dog food lives up to its hype.