How To Care For Your Black German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is best known as a police dog. However, in reality this is a very loyal and fun dog that is one of the best family dogs around. No wonder it is the second most popular dog in the Untied States of American today. Your black German Shepherd also needs constant care because it is a very sensitive and intelligent dog.

One of the first things with this dog is that it needs constant activity and exercise. Without exercise this dog is prone to become paranoid and aggressive. You should take it for walks every morning and evening, and if possible allow it to run around the yard, garden or the park.

Grooming this dog requires that you brush its overcoat twice every week, so that it does not shed too much hair around your house. You also need to check its teeth for troubles, and take it to a veterinarian if you find any problem with tooth plaque and tartar. Its nails need to be clipped regularly, otherwise you may get scratched when the dog plays with you. Black German Shepherds need to be bathed once a month, and you may need to use an electric hair dryer to dry their hair after a bath.