Leather Dog Leads For Your Dog

Getting fit is so much more fun when you tackle it with someone that you love… even if that someone is just your dog. Whether you are a newbie on the health scene or a diehard Crossfit fanatic, including your dog into your workout is good for both of you. Not to mention that he will relish the extra time that he gets to spend with you. From the best dog leashes that allow you to give your dog more space to “matching” ensembles that make you both look and feel amazing, here are 3 simple ways to make fitness more fun for both you and your pet…

Use a retractable dog leash to make walks more of an adventure… and safer too.

If you have yet to try retractable dog leads on your walks together, now is the time to snag one for yourself. A retracting leather dog leash allows your dog to run freer when its safe to and then, retracts shorter as you need to draw your dog closer to you. Your dog will love the freedom of being able to go farther away and you will love the security of knowing that when you need him to come in closer – you only need to click a button.

Take along plenty of H20 and protein snacks.

The two of you will be plenty thirsty after a power walk around the block. (And plenty hungry too.) Bring along water for both of you and do not forget to bring protein packed snacks. Protein keeps you full longer and also helps you to build lean muscle mass in the process. It does the same thing for your pet. What you eat post-workout will help to transform your body and make others do a double take… your dog might even notice a few furry heads turn his way too.

Get some new workout garb… for both of you.

Working out is so much more fun when you have a great new outfit that makes you feel and look amazing. Whether you opt for a pair of new, colorful sneakers or those confetti leggings you have been eying, pair your new wardrobe with a shiny, reflective collar for your pup in the same hue. This way you can color coordinate… and stay safe on nighttime jogs as a team. If your dog is not fussy about outfits, you could even buy him an adorable hoodie for the winter months or a cute muscle tee for those summer strolls.

Getting fit as a duo can help to keep both of you healthy and happy for life. Not only will you feel better, you will live longer… and so will your dog. Win/win.