Are You Wishing To Own A German Shepherd? Here Are The Thing To Know

For many years, I have been a fan of dogs, although I never thought of owning a German shepherd. To me the German shepherd just happened to me and since then I have become a die-hard fan of this incredible breed of dogs. Since I started owning the GSD, I have learned about many nuances of the breed.  Here are some of the things can tell anyone wishing to own a German shepherd dog.

This breed is not a golden retriever: Sometimes many people assume that all dogs are supposed to be the best friends of everybody. This is not always true for every German shepherd, but GSDs tend to be a “one person” friend. Never think that every person that your shepherd meets can be the best friend, and this is the character and heritage of this breed. All GSDs be they brown or black German shepherds are always suspicious of new faces and they will pick on one person to be her friend.

German shepherds have earned their reputation as the “land shark” because of their mouthiness. This character is rooted deeply into their heritage and so you expect that puppies will be bitey. Because of this reason, German shepherds can be tricky with children who occasionally become victims of playful bites. However, you can teach your GSD that biting human beings is not the right character and instead redirect that to chewing toys.

Beware of signs of shyness. Many German shepherds, especially American breeds have tendencies of shyness and extreme anxiety. This character can escalate into fear-related aggression if not checked early enough. It is important to socialize the puppy from the first time it comes home and it should continue throughout her stay with you.

GSDs always want to know your whereabouts: If you are a person who doesn’t like being followed up everywhere, then you should stop for a moment before making a decision to own a geri laikrodziai GSD. The GSDs are known to be serious busy bodies who always want to know your engagements even up to the bathroom.  Nevertheless, they are just good at doing their jobs—keeping the house secure and aware of goings-on around you.

They are also commonly referred to as “German shedders” That’s enough to say what this breed is! Most GSDs have a double coat, which may double the amount of fur in your house, including the floors, sofa etc. so be aware of their huge far from your black german shepherd that may end up messing your room. If you are allergic to too much far, then reconsider owning a GSD.

They are a rough breed. The German shepherds like a rough play with both people and other dogs. It is good to note that they are not the soft breed of dogs as one may expect. They can sometimes go wild and they like going for the throat and can get into serious wrestling. Therefore, supervise their play with other dogs and ensure that the GSD takes regular breaks to avoid getting into heavy-duty wresting, which may be dangerous to other dogs read more about it on.

Overall, the German shepherd is an intense breed that requires a lot of monitoring and care, especially when playing with human beings and other dogs. The fact that they are not those golden retrievers means that they can get rough an unfriendly to strangers. Be aware of these characteristics before considering getting a German shepherd as your pet of choice.