Advantages Of Purchasing Cool Dog Toys Online

Before we move to the subject of purchasing dog toys online let us check the types of cool dog toys available online, and how to find the popular and best dog toys. The last option is simple for those who purchase their requirements from popular online shopping malls. Each product has a star rating beside it that signifies its value, as determined by other purchasers. Find below a list of the best dog toys available, including interactive dog toys too. Since the manufacturers of toys for dogs keep on manufacturing new products every month, and given the fact that one can find hundreds of such products online, this list is not exhaustive.

Babble balls

Be prepared for a hearty laugh when you present your dog with this toy. Made of soft, yet tough rubber, these balls are a prime example of interactive dog toys. They contain a power motion sensor connected to a circuit that emits different types of sounds the moment your dog touches it. He will be bewildered when he hears the noises of different animals and wonder where they are coming from. The power shuts down if your dog does not disturb the ball for a couple of seconds. You can also opt for a model that contains synthesized human voices. Your pet will be surprised when he hears someone say `fetch’ when he touches the ball.

The dog pyramid

This toy will keep your dog occupied for hours on end as he tries to get the treats placed inside this toy by knocking and moving it in different directions. Shaped like a pyramid, and made of non toxic plastic, this toy contains a weighted base. This ensures that it always returns to its standing position, thereby, confusing your pet as it tries to retrieve the treats from the hole at the top of the toy. You will also find many variations of this toy — all of them having the same purpose — force your pet to nudge it in a particular direction so that he can get the treats put in them.

Bubble maker

You have played with it when you were a kid, and possibly your kid too enjoys it. We are talking about the humble soap bubble maker in which you dip a ring shaped device into a soap solution to coat it with the solution and generate soap bubbles by blowing on it. The kit contains a bottle of non toxic and flavored solution along with a ring shaped device. Your dog will enjoy jumping and trying to catch one bubble after the other.

Purchasing online

You get many advantages while purchasing toys online. You do not have to visit the store physically, saving you time and transportation costs. You can browse several shops simultaneously in different windows. This offers you the opportunity to view a large variety of toys.